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"Pinball Wizard"

This version comes from Tommy, directed by Ken Russell, who died this week. Roy Edroso has more. Russell made some seriously weird films, but he came by it honestly, which made for some interesting and memorable moments in a long career. (Lair of the White Worm is bizarre and unforgettable; I haven't seen most of Russell's many and highly-regarded artist biopics.)

I also have to include this clip, since it features (as the YouTube poster puts it) "crazy dance and hair slapping" and the great mirror bit.

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Mariachi El Bronx - "48 Roses"

Mariachi El Bronx is the mariachi version of punk band The Bronx, based out of... Los Angeles. Here's their full KCRW set.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Coldplay - "The Scientist"

I know it's fashionable in some circles to slag off on Coldplay, but I like some of their songs, including this one.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Julie Fowlis - "Bothan Àirigh am Bràigh Raithneach"

A wealth of great music has come from the British Isles, including some stunning tunes in Gaelic. I caught this tune on The World. Julie Fowlis' website is here. The lyrics are:

Bothan Àirigh am Bràigh Raithneach (A sheiling on the Braes of Rannoch)

Gur e m' anam is m' eudail
chaidh an-dè do Ghleann Garadh:
fear na gruaig' mar an t-òr
is na pòig air bhlas meala.

O hi ò o hu ò, o hi ò o hu ò,
Hi rì ri ò hu eile
O hì ri ri ri ò gheallaibh ò

Is tu as fheàrr don tig deise
de na sheasadh air thalamh;
is tu as fheàrr don tig culaidh
de na chunna mi dh' fhearaibh.
Is tu as fheàrr don tig osan
is bròg shocrach nam barrall:
còta Lunnainneach dubh-ghorm,
is bidh na crùintean ga cheannach.

An uair a ruigeadh tu 'n fhèill
is e mo ghèar-sa a thig dhachaigh;
mo chriosan is mo chìre
is mo stìomag chaol cheangail.

Thig mo chrios à Dùn Eideann
is mo bhrèid à Dùn Chailleann,
gheibh sinn crodh as a' Mhaorainn
agus caoraich à Gallaibh.

Is ann a bhios sinn 'gan àrach
air àirigh am Bràigh Raithneach.
ann am bòthan an t-sùgraidh
is gur e bu dùnadh dha barrach.

Bhiodh a' chuthag 's an smùdan
a' gabhail ciùil duinn air chrannaibh;
bhiodh an damh donn 's a bhùireadh
gar dùsgadh sa mhadainn.

It was my love and my treasure
who went yesterday to Glengarry,
the man with hair like gold
and kisses that taste of honey.

You suit your clothes
better than any man on earth;
you look better in your garments
than any man I've ever seen.

You look better in stockings
and comfortable laced shoes,
a dark blue London coat
that cost many crowns to buy.

When you arrive at the fair,
you'll bring home my gear,
my small belt and my comb
and my little narrow fastening

My belt will come from Edinburgh
and my marriage head-dress from
we'll get cattle from the Mearns
and sheep from Caithness.

And we'll rear them in a sheiling
in Bràigh Raithneach,
in the brush-wood enclosed hut of

The cuckoo will sing
its song to us from the trees,
the brown stag and its roaring
will wake us in the morning.

Eclectic Jukebox

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Low - "Nightingale"

I saw Low perform live ages ago. Their full KCRW set (audio) is here.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sachal Studios - "Take Five"

A fantastic cover of a classic. Via via.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lady Danville - "Kids"

I like this cover better than the MGMT original.

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Silver Rider"

I like both Low's original...

...and this cover by Robert Plant and the Band of Joy.

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k.d. lang – "Habit of Mind"

Here's the entire set.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Marvin Gaye - "Yesterday"

PBS' American Masters recently re-broadcasted a good 2008 installment on the amazing, tragic Marvin Gaye. The show ended with this cover, which I don't remember hearing before. Marvin Gaye has extraordinary vocal range and remarkably supple technique, but it's the sheer soul he brings to some tracks that's so transfixing.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Angélique Kidjo - Summertime

Angélique Kidjo gives a killer live show.

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Makem and Clancy - "Ar Eirinn Ni Neosainn Ce Hi"

There's no shortage of great Celtic music, but this song in Irish Gaelic is one of the prettiest I know. I did a more extensive post on it two years ago. (The poem at the start is called "The Planter.")

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Roy Buchanan – "Sweet Dreams"

NPR ran a great story by Robert Goldstein about the 60th anniversary of the Fender Telecaster earlier this week. Among other tunes, the story included this one, which also features prominently in Martin Scorsese's film The Departed. Sweet, indeed.

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Massive Attack - "Paradise Circus"

Featuring Hope Sandoval. This is a fan video using scenes from The Fall (2006), directed by Tarsem Singh. The band has a video on their site, the song mixed with an interview, but it's definitely NSFW.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Stars - "Fixed"

The official video is here, but can't be embedded.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Iron and Wine - "Tree By the River"

The video takes a while to load, but it's a good version of one of the tunes from the new album. I caught Sam's show last night at the Wiltern here in L.A., with The Low Anthem opening. His KCRW session was also good

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Great Northern - "Fingers"

Here's an acoustic version.

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Science Fiction Double Feature

The first version apparently reflects Richard O'Brien's original idea for the opening credits of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The second is O'Brien performing a cool acoustic version.

This has probably always been my favorite song from Rocky Horror, for its geek bait lyrics and the wistful yearning of its chorus. I was introduced to the soundtrack as a teenager by a friend who was absolutely obsessed with the film, and mined it for profundities about life the way others might meditate on a favorite play or novel. (I've never felt as strongly, but it's entertaining.) II saw a live stage version in Edinburgh years ago (an official re-release), which meant the actors could interact with the audience and heckle them back. It was pretty fun. The usherette/candy girl who sang this (and also played Magenta) absolutely nailed it.

RIP Anne Francis and Leslie Nielsen.